The Lens Cuff / single Lens Cuff

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THE LENS CUFF ™ is a patented solution that allows direct attachment of follow focus motors onto a cinema lens.
It eliminates all harmful external off-axis forces exerted to the body of a lens and the lens mount
by follow focus motors for the past 3 decades.
Reduces cost and on-set production downtime caused by skipped gear teeth, missed focus, bumped lenses and all related damage to expensive equipment.

Choose from Ø 65mm ~ Ø 114mm Lens Cuffs with 1x Stubby 15mm rail with Sprig and 1x pouch and inserts.


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114mm, 65mm, 75mm, 85mm, 95mm


The Lens Cuff / single Lens Cuff

General Characteristics:

  • Machined from a single block of Aircraft grade Aluminium 6082
  • Stealth Carbon Black Hard Anodised
  • Custom spring loaded wingnut fasteners with standard M4 threads
  • Low-profile lens support foot with 1/4 20 thread and Arri Standard orienting pins
  • Symmetrical 2x 15mm rail clamps
  • Exceeding NATO and MilSpec standards


  • 65mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 62.5mm, ⌀ 60mm & ⌀ 57.5mm
  • 75mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 72.5mm, ⌀ 70mm & ⌀ 67.5mm
  • 85mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 82.5mm, ⌀ 80mm & ⌀ 77.5mm
  • 95mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 92.5mm, ⌀ 90mm & ⌀ 87.5mm
  • 114mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 110mm, ⌀ 105mm & ⌀ 100mm

In the box:

  • Ø 65mm Lens Cuff or
  • Ø 75mm Lens Cuff or
  • Ø 85mm Lens Cuff or
  • Ø 95mm Lens Cuff or
  • Ø 114mm Lens Cuff
  • Lens Cuff comes with 3x inserts/donuts to adapt to smaller sizes
  • 1x Stubby 15mm rail with 1x Sprig for optimal cable management
  • 1x Alcantara pouch to protect your Lens Cuff and your equipment