MANIOS CINE TOOLS LTD company is based in Athens Greece. Founded more than three decades ago and today stands firmly evolving and progressing by importing and distributing high end and dynamic brands of the photo and motion picture industry.

Respecting the current value of money MANIOS CINE TOOLS persists in representing high value manufacturers with trustworthy and reliable products and manages to supply them at extremely competitive prices. These products are used at every shooting location, studio and television station.

The values at MANIOS CINE TOOLS are among others effective customer service before and after sales, flexibility to the needs of the buyers and product knowledge. All these are appreciated and have resulted to strong relationships of trust and the acceptance and enjoy the preference of buyers.

MANIOS CINE TOOLS LTD continues to invest in available stock, in sufficient immediate customer time and a repair shop which is constantly enriched and updated.

Always at your disposal.

Yours sincerely,