Falcon Eyes T360-A3

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The Falcon Eyes T360-A3 is the largest turntable of his series. The T360-A3 has a diameter of 60 cm and a maximum carrying-load weight of 40 kg. This makes this turntable ideal for exhibiting products and making 360 degree photography. The T360 A3 is very user-friendly. The turntable rotates one circle in 120 seconds.

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The T360-A3 has a diameter of 60 cm and can carry up to 40 kg maximum. The T360-A3 can be used for photographing and making 360-degree images of, for example, shoes, jewelery, toys and cakes, for example. In addition, you can also use the T360-A3 for displaying products in a shop window or on a trade show.

Dimensions: ø 60cm
Weight: 5 kg
Power supply: ~110v – 120v 60Hz ro ~220v – 240v 50Hz
Max. central weight: 40 kg