Lightstream LITE Pro 5 Kit

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New Lightstream “LITE” 5x reflector (20x20cm) Pro kit has multiple reflector styles and shoe mount grip gear to take full advantage of multi-reflector set-ups.

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2x #1 Lightstream Lite reflector (DLLR1-20×20)
2x #2 Lightstream Lite reflector (DLLR2-20×20)
1x #3 Lightstream Lite reflector (DLLR3-20×20)
2x DLSA1/4 – 5/8″ receptacle stand fitting with 1/4″ receiver thread
2x DH3 – Plate mount with 1/4″ receiver thread
3x CLAMP-M – Mini clamp with 1/4″ und 3/8″ receiver thread
5x DMFA22 – 22cm flexible are with cold-shoe mount and 1/4″ thread
1x DPLAST – Malleable mounting putty for DH3 plate mount
1x DPINSET – set of 10 push-pins for DH3 plate mount
1x DLRP20 – Protective pouch for up to 7x 20cm Lite reflectors