Hague CFSLR DSLR Camframe Camera Cage Steady Mount

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The CFSLR Hague Digital SLR Camframe Camera Cage has been designed to hold DSLR type cameras. These HD digital cameras, such as the Canon EOS 5D MK III and Lumix GH4 produce great HD video but are difficult to hold for handheld filming. The Digital SLR Camframe has been specifically designed to hold this type of camera. It has a large camera plate with plenty of adjustment from side to side to enable the “flip out” screen on some DSLR’s to be used, this also helps if the cameras mounting hole is “off set” to one side.

In the base of the frame are mounting holes for a monopod or a tripod quick release plate, which enables you to quickly go from handheld to tripod mounted with the camera still attached, together with any accessories you may have fastened to the frame.

The Camframe has handgrips on the right, left and top of the frame, giving various holding positions. On either side of the top handgrip are accessory shoes onto which you can add an external light or microphone.

Greater stability is achieved when the frame is held by both hands, with your arms slightly out in front of you. It is this that gives the camera a stabilizing effect. The handgrip on top of the frame is used for low shots and carrying the camera between shots.

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Frame Size:- W30cm x H20cm x D3cm.