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This Elite kit is comprised of a newly designed holder and a selection of the same high quality Format-Hitech filters, slimmed down for use on the GoPro Hero3+/Hero4. This is the only holder system on the market that allows GoPro Hero3+/Hero4 users to use Formatt-Hitech’s professional quality and award winning filters. Each kit includes a combination of filters that will significantly increase the image quality on GoPro Hero3+/Hero4 cameras based on the users need.

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Formatt-Hitech Hero3+/Hero4 Elite Kit

Filters included in the Elite Kit are:

・0.6 and 0.9 ND filter
・Circular Polarizer
・UV filter
・3 Clear Protectors
・GoPro Hero3+/Hero4 Holder

Filter Specifications:

  • Clear: Clear filters offer an inexpensive way to protect the front element of your GoPro Hero3+/4 camera housing and your other Formatt-Hitech filters
  • Neutral Density: These help reduce the rolling shutter effect caused by extremely short shutter speed and shaking or movement of the camera. Neutral Density filters remedy this by lengthening the exposure time to eliminate the effect and significantly increase the video quality
  • Circular Polarizer: The circular polarizer is a fantastic tool for GoPro shooters as it enhances sky, clouds, water, foliage and even snow