Firecrest 100mm Holder Magnetic Kit

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The Firecrest Magnetic holder builds upon the success of our Firecrest MKII Firecrest holder and further cement Formatt Hitech’s position as an innovator in our field following the success of the Firecrest 100mm holder system.
For the Firecrest Magnetic, we went back to the drawing board. We worked closely with an extensive team of industry-leading photographers and cinematographers to build upon the successes of the MKII whilst taking into account the feedback from our users in order to refine and improve upon every aspect of our holder. Giving you improved performance with all 100mm filters, but the system is designed to work seamlessly with Firecrest ND filters.

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The Kit includes:

Firecrest 100mm Magnetic Holder Kit

86mm Magnetic Firecrest CPL

86mm – 86mm Magnetic geared adaptor

86-82mm Magnetic geared adaptor

86mm – 77mm step down ring

86mm – 72mm step down ring

1 x set vented end caps

1 x set closed end caps

1 x spare slot kit including longer screws for 3 slot set up and Allen key

1x holder carrying pouch

1x Magnetic metal lens cap