Falcon Eyes Light Stand L3900GA/B Heavy Duty 394 cm

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The Falcon Eyes L3900GA/B tripod is an extra sturdy tripod with thick tubes and a large spreading stand for extra stability. This allows the tripod to carry heavy equipment. Yet the air suspension tripod is easy to fold and carry. The included interchangeable spigot can be inserted into the tripod both at the top and the side. This allows you to attach accessories such as a flash both on the tripod and on the side.

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Diameter Rods: 35.7, 31.6, 28.2 and 25.3 mm. The supplied interchangeable spigot has a 1/4″ male thread on one side and a 3/8″ male thread on the other side.

Maximal load capacity:
With just the first section fully extended: 22.5 kg
The first and second sections fully extended: 22.5 kg
The first, second and third sections fully extended: 20 kg
The first, second, third and fourth sections extended: 12.5 kg

Falcon Eyes Light Stand L3900GA/B Heavy Duty 394 cm
Interchangeable ¼” and 3/8” Spigot Adapter

Minimal height:  128 cm
Maximal height:  394 cm
Collapsed length:  113 cm
Sections: 4
Sections Ø (mm):  35.7, 31.6, 28.2 and 25.3 mm
Suspension:  Air suspension
Diameter legs (mm):  25 mm
Spread: 130 cm
Material:  Aluminium
Color:  Black
Weight:  2.3 kg
Maximum load weight:  22.5 kg
Diameter screw thread:  1/4″ and 3/8″