Deity SPD-1 (Smart Power Distributor)

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Introducing the SPD-1 Power Distribution Box, the perfect solution for managing power in a sound bag or on a sound cart. This powerful and versatile device is designed to make your life on set easy and stress-free.

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Power Type DC
Inputs 2x TA4f
1x USB-C 12V
Outputs 2x 4-Pin Push (5A Total)
4x 4-Pin PUSH (5A Total)
1x USB-A (5V 2A)
Operational Voltage Range 12V~18V
Low Voltage Warning 9V~12V
Over Voltage Cutoff 18V
Under Voltage Cutoff 7V
Built Material Aluminum
Display 1.1” TFT Color Screen
Mounting Options 2x 1/4” 20 Threaded
1x Removable Clip
Dimensions 36 * 89 * 64 mm
Weight 159g