Aputure 19 degrees lens for Spotlight Mount

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The Spotlight Mount Lens 19 ° from Aputure is a high-quality accessory for the Aputure Spotlight Mount. It offers the greatest possible accuracy and control when setting the lights and is ideal for small studio setups.

Like typical ellipsoidal lights, the Spotlight Mount also offers a simple exchange between the 19 °, 26 ° and 36 ° lenses from Aputure. This is regardless of whether you prefer a larger illumination circle or pinpoint precision. In combination with the internal shutters, operators can better control the shape of their light.

The Aputure Spotlight Mount Lens 19 ° is perfect for those who need maximum light output and who want more precise control of the light beam. Since the lens has twice the light output of the 36 ° mount and more than 20% of the 26 ° mount, it is suitable for large setups that use a stronger light. The beam diameter is about half that of the 36 ° Spotlight Mount.

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Aputure 19 degrees lens for Spotlight Mount


  • Accessory part for the Aputure Spotlight Mount
  • High quality, exchangeable 19 ° lens
  • For better light control and light shaping
  • Twice the light output compared to the 36 ° mount and 20% more compared to the 26 ° mount
  • Angle: 19 Degree
  • Aperture: f/2.3
  • Focal Lenght: 230mm