3 Legged Thing 360 Pano Clamp

79,99 incl 24% VAT

The 3 Legged Thing 360 Clamp is a universal arca compatible clamp with an inbuilt panoramic mechanism for easy rotation and nodal accuracy. Compatible with most modern ball-heads, the 360 Clamp is adjustable to fit different Arca Swiss-style plate profiles. Features two security hollows for compatibility with Arca Swiss-style release plates that have security pins.

The 360 Clamp can be also attached directly to any 3/8″ thread device

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  • 3 Legged Thing 360-Clamp
  • 3 Legged Thing QR7 Release Plate with security pins
  • 3 Legged Thing TOOLZ, multi functional Tool
  • Microfibre Bag