Classic Nevada Strap L RocknRoll

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Nevada camera strap for the classic look lovers!

We are using a special process on leather, to make it really soft with the warmth of worn look.

Hand cut and hand stitched with waxed thread.

Some of the things our clients say in their reviews.

“Great camera strap. The leather is very soft and vintage looking is awesome. It is on my bracing Leica M9-P old Leica lens” Hristo Dimitrov

“Wonderful vintage look. I wanted to give a nice vintage look to my Leica and this strap does exactly that. It is nice and smooth leather and the ‘vintage’ treatment is great.” Dick Theunissen

“The best ever. Looks and feels the best with my M10. I tried many straps in the past and will not come back. So soft and strong.” Henry Planchard


The perfect pair for film Leica M cameras, but of course looks and feels great on any Leica M and Leica Q.

You can use it of course on any Mirror less camera and  DSLRs.

All our straps come, with 2 leather protectors, in a linen pouch.