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Compatible with standard 15mm rods
Unique patented lever clamp system
Both friction and gear
Precise focusing and quick adjustments
Left or right side of the lens
Lightweight anodized aluminum
CNC machined

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The SHAPE FOLLOW FOCUS FRICTION & GEAR CLIC is designed for standard 15mm rods.
It can be instantly attached or detached from the rods using our second patented lever clamp system. Simply put it directly on top of the rods and lock the lever. It provides precise focusing, quick adjustments and great durability.

Thanks to our first patented leaver clamp system, adjusting the horizontal position of the focus mechanism is easily done in 3 simple steps:

  • Unlock the lever.
  • Adjust the horizontal position of the focus mechanism to fit the diameter of the lens.
  • Lock the lever.

Once the lever is locked, the focus mechanism stays firmly in place. The focus mechanism can be used on the left side or the right side of the lens. The focus disk, the disk leaning on the lens, can be positioned at the front or at the rear of the focus mechanism. The focus disk is surrounded by a ring of high quality rubber. This ring provides a firm contact with the lens and ensures accurate and slip-free focusing. The white mark disk is made of highly resistant Delrin thermoplastic. It is interchangeable and you can write on it using non-permanent markers.

The SHAPE FOLLOW FOCUS FRICTION & GEAR CLIC is compatible with all our camera supports equipped with 15mm rods.
CNC machined, it is made of lightweight anodized aluminum for strength and durability.