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Adjustable, lightweight and compact shoulder mount camera rig
Unique patented SHAPE QUICK HANDLE push-button technology
SHAPE PAPARAZZI RISER with several threaded holes (1/4-20” and 3/8-16”)
Compatible with all 15mm rod systems
Length-adjustable rods using red knobs on SHAPE ROD BLOCs
Height-adjustable SHAPE SLIDING ROD BLOC using black knob
Perfect for DSLRs and video cameras

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The SHAPE COMPOSITE GRIP handheld camera support was designed for an inline position with the shoulder axis.
This easy-to-use ergonomic design is simple to adjust and customize according to your specific needs.
It enables a fast transition from tripod to shoulder mount in one simple click by attaching the tripod plate underneath the SHAPE PAPARAZZI RISER.
Quick and easy setup with a 4mm Allen key (5/32 in).
Each support module can be assembled or disassembled easily for travel. No tools required.
The SHAPE QUICK HANDLE ROD BLOC patented technology offers great precision, stability and support. Simply push and hold the red buttons individually for a 360° handle rotation. Once the buttons are released, handles stay firmly in place.
The SHAPE 15MM ROD SYSTEM PAPARAZZI RISER provides various threaded holes in its base (1/4-20″and 3/8-16″). Several accessories can be attached such as a SHAPE BOX, a Tripod QUICK RELEASE PLATE and more accessories (accessories not included). When using a QUICK RELEASE PLATE, the SHAPE COMPOSITE GRIP can be attached to a tripod head in mere seconds. The tripod plate may also stay on permanently.
The front rods are used to attach accessories quickly such as a matte box, a SHAPE follow focus as well as many other standard 15mm accessories.
*All CNC machined, high quality aircraft grade aluminum parts are hard anodized for a resistant finish and assembled with stainless steel screws to prevent rusting.