Rosco Studio Tiles

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Rosco Studio Tiles were originally designed as rugged, hard wearing floors for video production facilities and television studios. They lay flat for temporary, as well as permanent studio installations and can stand up to camera dollies. The dance world has discovered they make terrific practice tiles for tap and Irish dance! The 3′ x 3′ squares are an ideal size for practice at home. They weigh just 12 lbs. each making them easy to pick up and store away when rehearsal is done.


Studio Tiles are available in Black, Grey and White.

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10-20 ημέρες


Width:3′-0″ (.914m)
Length:3′-0″ (.914m)
Thickness:1/8″ (3mm)
Weight:12 lbs. (5.5 kg)



Choose this floor for:Tap, Irish, TV Studios or Production Facilities
Installation:Temporary or Permanent
Use with:All Purpose Cleaner, Latex Adhesive, Heavy Duty Cleaner and Floor Wax


  • Homogeneous PVC