Riviera All Black Strap, RocknRoll

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The Riviera straps are made from two layers of leather. The outside leather is with grain structure and the under part is suede.
A line of straps that remind the Italian style we see in the films of the 50s and 60s.

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They come in six combinations.

1. Riviera Black and White: Black leather and Black suede with white seams

2. Riviera All Black: Black Leather and Black suede with black seams.

3. Riviera Black and Red: Black leather and Red suede.

4. Riviera All Red: Red leather and Red suede with Red seams.

5. Riviera Red with Black seams: Red leather and Red suede with Red seams.

6. Riviera Red and Black. Red leather and Black suede.

Riviera straps are hand-cut and stitched by hand. They are a perfect pair with a Leica M, Leica Q, Leica Cl, Sony cameras, Fuji and Olympus.

All our straps come, with 2 leather protectors, in a linen pouch.