PAGlink Micro Charger

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  • The world’s smallest, single-position, multi-battery charger
  • Charge up to 4 PAGlink batteries whilst linked
  • Fits easily in your kit bag or coat pocket
  • Designed for light travel
  • Ideal charger for the freelance cameraman
  • 1 x V-Mount charging shoe
  • Compatible with PAGlink, standard PAG V-Mount Li-Ion and Sony Li-Ion batteries
  • Charges two fully discharged 96Wh PAGlink batteries in 7hrs
  • Charges to 80% one fully discharged 96Wh PAGlink battery in 2.5hrs
  • Supplied with plug adaptor for country of use
  • UK, Euro, US/Japan and Australia plug adaptors are available
  • 110 x 87 x 58mm (boxed) / 0.2kg
  • 2 year guarantee
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  • The PAGlink Micro Charger is ideal when you want to travel light and charge PAGlink batteries.
  • This ultra-compact travel charger is designed to fit any kit bag and suit any budget.
  • The Micro Charger is designed for charging PAGlink batteries, individually or linked, from any state of charge. It can also be used for charging PAG non-linking V-Mount Li-Ion batteries, as well as those of any other reputable manufacturer.
  • The V-Mount shoe clips over the battery contacts and is connected to a plug-in charging unit that accepts a 100-240V AC input, and interchangeable plug adaptors, for use worldwide.
  • PAGlink is the first camera battery system that allows more than two batteries to be linked for charge or discharge. At the end of a shoot, simply link your batteries and connect them to the charger. The next day, they will be fully charged and ready to go.
  • Using the Micro Charger, two fully discharged 96Wh PAGlink batteries will be fully charged in approximately 7 hours.
  • If you need power in a hurry, one fully discharged 96Wh battery will be 80% charged in 2 hours 30 minutes.
  • The charge status of each battery is shown on its individual display. The most-discharged battery is given a higher charge priority. Fully charged batteries will stop accepting charge automatically and independently.
  • The Micro Charger is smaller than a PAGlink battery and weighs approximately 200g, making it ideal for transport in any kit bag.
  • The unit features LED indication of charging, charge completion, faulty battery, and battery absent.
  • Using a PAG charger to charge and manage your PAG batteries is the best way to achieve the maximum number of cycles and the longest possible working life.