Matthews Kit — Medium Duty Triple Riser — Black Revenger

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Designed primarily for use in lighting kits, these stands are compact and light weight, ideal for assembling custom lighting kits or replacing your current stands. Matthews Revenger Stands employ a ‘brake shoe’ system for locking off the riser tubes as opposed to ‘pinch castings’, therefore permitting the use of heavier fixtures. Revenger stands feature a wider footprint for increased stability, beefed up leg braces, and a very low price. Ideal for students, studio or location.

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Black Revenger Stand
Maximum Height128″ (3130mm)
Minimum Height38″ (930mm)
Weight Capacity22lbs (10kg)
Weight4lbs (1.8kg)
Footprint43″ (1092mm)
Folded Base5″ (127mm)
Folded Length36″ (920mm)