Matthews Hollywood 20″ Double Riser Sliding Leg w/Grip Head and arm

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Matthews Hollywood 20″ Double Riser Sliding Leg C-stand w/Grip Head and arm 

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This is a Matthews Hollywood Century “C” Stand with 20″ main section, 2 risers and sliding leg base. It includes a 20″ arm and grip head. When the stand and arm are extended, the top height is 5.25′ (1.6 m).

The unique staggered leg design of a C Stand allows it to be nested and placed extremely close to one another on a set. The top leg of the stand is independently adjustable for greatest positioning possibilities.

This stand/arm combo is also available with a removable “Turtle” base. Order # 756120.

  • The spring-loaded independent leg adjustment levels the load on uneven terrain.
  • Arm and grip head may be used for small fixtures, or positioning of gobos