Hague Tripod Extender 100mm Bowl Levelling System

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The Hague 100mm Tripod Extender raises the height of your tripod by almost ½ a metre. This makes it ideal for those situations when you would like to get a bit more height on your tripod, such as when you want to get a shot over the top of people who are standing or in any awkward locations where a bit more height would create a much better shot.
The Tripod Extender has been designed for use with pro tripods that use the bowl levelling system. There are two versions the Tripod Extender, TE75 for tripods with a 75mm levelling system or TE100 for a 100mm levelling system.
The Hague Tripod Extender is quick and simple to attach, you simply remove your head from the tripod and mount the extender in it’s place. The video head is then attached to the bowl on top of the extender in the same way as it was fastened to your tripod. The video head can then be levelled off in the usual way.
Price includes the Hague Tripod Extender with 100mm bowl. Price does not include the tripod, camera, video head or any other accessories shown

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5-10 ημέρες


  • Version – 100mm Bowl System
  • Material – Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Colour – Black
  • Height – 450mm (Approx 18”)
  • Width – 126mm (Approx 5”)
  • Weight – 1.39kg