Hague SM90 Car Camera Suction Mount With Double Ball Tilt Head

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The Hague Camera Suction Mount has been specifically designed by Hague for mounting lightweight camcorders, DSLR cameras, action cameras and compact cameras onto a vehicle, whether inside or out. It is ideal for use on the windscreen or back window.

The Hague Camera Suction Mount can be attached to any non-porous surface, which makes it ideal for mounting the camcorder onto a vehicle whether inside or out. It can be fixed either vertically or horizontally. The crank lever pad creates a powerful vacuum which holds the mount rigidly in place.

The camcorder fastens to a reversible camera plate, which enables the camera to be mounted above or below the suction mount. This makes it ideal for use on a car windscreen, the camera can be positioned to look through the windscreen or into the vehicle. A fully adjustable double ball bracket has a single lever for locking the camera into the required position.

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5-10 ημέρες


  • Suitable for small cameras & action cams up to 1.2kg.
  • Suction pad diameter 90mm. (crank lever vacuum)
  • Price includes: SM90 Camera Suction Mount with Double Ball Tilt Head and Camera Plate.
  • Price does not include the camera or any other accessories shown.