Hague SM11 Telescopic Camera Suction Mount Rig For Cars

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The Hague SM11 Telescopic Camera Suction Mount for cars allows a stills camera to be mounted away from the vehicle to create some very unusual shots. At it’s longest length it is not as rigid as our other mounts, so the vehicle should only be moved slowly and must be on a smooth surface, otherwise camera shake will occur. We would only recommend it be used for specialist stills photography, we do not consider it suitable for camcorders.

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5-10 ημέρες


The mount includes;

  • 2 – Suction Pads,
  • 4 – Superclamps,
  • 2 Clamp Connectors,
  • 1 Telescopic Column,
  • 1 – Double Ball Tilt Head,
  • 1 – Large Camera Plate.
  • Supports up to 2kg.
  • Telescopic Column – Minimum length 110cm.
  • Maximum total length 188cm.
  • The column can be locked at the required length.
  • Suction pad diameter 150mm. (pump action vacuum)