Hague LH Camera Low Hat 100mm

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Ideal for camera sliders, or for mounting a tripod head to a table, bench, dolly or board.
The Hague 100mm Low Hat enables you to get very low shots using your existing video head from your tripod. The bowl mount accepts most heads using the popular 100mm levelling system, should your head have the 75mm system an optional 100 to 75 stepper ring is available. Also supplied with the mount is a handwheel and collar to replace the long handle on Manfrotto heads.
The Hague Low Hat has a 3/8” threaded hole in the centre of its base, making it easy to attach to a camera slider or to a telescopic column of a compatible tripod. It also has three evenly spaced mounting holes to secure it to a step ladder, apple-box, dolly or a sheet of wood.
Price includes the Low Hat, Handwheel and Collar.

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5-10 ημέρες


  • Height – 108mm
  •  Width – 125mm
  •  Distance from bottom of bowl to base plate – 60mm
  •  Weight – 600g
  •  Supports up to – 20kg.