Hague K8 HDV Boom Camera Jib

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The Hague HDV Boom K8 is ideal for cameras up to 4kg. The boom is fastened directly to the video head of any sturdy tripod, in the same way you would attach your camera, and it can be mounted using both 1/4” and 3/8” screws.
On the end of the boom is a camera plate (quick release adaptor shown in video is an optional extra) mounted on a pulley with a control cable coming down the boom to a second pulley at the side of the video head on the tripod. It is this control cable that keeps the camera level as the boom is raised or lowered. Tilting the tripod’s video head controls the camera pulley on the end of the boom, enabling the camera to be tilted up or down.
The radial ball bearings in the pulley ensure a very smooth tilt movement. The boom breaks down into 3 pieces making it quick and simple to set up, standard bar weights (not supplied) are used for counterbalance and there is an adjustable fine trim weight to achieve optimum balance.
The boom can be used at 2 different lengths, at its longest length the camera will go from ground level to over 3.5 metres high and at its shorter length to 2.5 metres high. An optional Lanc Remote Control can be used to control the camcorder and if you run a cable down the boom arm you can attach a monitor to the tripod to monitor you shots.
Price excludes tripod, weights, quick release adaptor and camera. Please see below optional accessories.

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10-20 ημέρες


  • Supports up to 4kg.
  • Length from tripod to camera 250cm at its longest length, or 130cm at its shortest length.
  • Length from tripod to weight bar 110cm.
  • Total length: 360cm or 240cm at its shorter length.
  • Vertical crane movement from ground level to 370cm (at its longest length) or 200cm (at its shortest length).
  • Transit Size: 120 x 18 x 16 cm.
  • Weight: 7kg.