Hague K2 Junior Camera Jib

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The Hague K2 Junior Jib fastens to the camera 1/4″ screw of any sturdy tripod or onto the 3/8″ stud of a professional tripod. Your camera attaches directly to the jib arm’s camera plate and is secured with the thumb screw supplied. There is an attachable counterbalance arm complete with weights, plus an adjustable fine trim weight.
The jib has a variable tilt control with lock, which enables you to tilt the camera 90 degrees and the camera can be set in any position, so you can have the camera pointing directly downwards or upwards creating some very unusual shots. The new design has a much greater vertical crane movement, which means the camera can go from ground level to over 7ft.6″ (2.3m) high and you can pan the jib arm 360 degrees. There is also a jib lock, should you require to leave the camera at a set height.
Price includes Jib arm with tilt facility and camera screw. Optional extras shown in the photo include Manfrotto Tripod & Camera. Please see below for recommened accessories which includes the BCA Balance Correction Adaptor for DSLR cameras.

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10-20 ημέρες


  • Supports up to 3kg.
  • Vertical crane movement 2.3m.
  • Pan Radius 126cm. Transit Size 144cm x 15cm x 12cm.
  • Weight 3.5kg.
  • Fits to any sturdy tripod