Hague K18-UPH CamCrane Camera Jib With Underslung Powerhead

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The Hague CamCrane K18 with UPH Underslung Pan & Tilt Power Head is quick and simple to set up, it attaches to any sturdy 100 or 75mm “bowl type” tripod or can be supplied with the optional Hague Dolly D3. It’s ideal for both handheld camcorders and DSLR cameras up to 2kg (4.4lbs) in weight.
Once balanced the camera can smoothly move from ground level to almost 7 metres high and the crane will pan 360 degrees. You have the choice of using the CamCrane at it’s full length or without two of the centre sections. At it’s full length support cables are used to improve rigidity. The counterbalance arm has an adjustable fine trim weight and a weight bar with handgrips. Standard bar weights are used for counterbalance (not supplied). A supplied monitor bracket enables a LCD monitor to be fastened to the crane, making it easier to monitor your shots.
The electronic motorized Underslung Pan & Tilt Power Head is suitable for all handheld camcorders and DSLRs that weigh less than 2kg. The Power Head fastens to the crane with the supplied screws. The camera is mounted underslung with a tilt movement of 360 degrees, this enables the camera to point directly downwards when required. The head also pans 360 degrees on the end of the crane. The unit is battery operated with a wired remote control for both pan & tilt, it also has a variable speed control.
The K18 CamCrane is made of aluminium and breaks down into 5 main sections, making it easier to handle in transit. It is supplied in a cardboard carton but an optional transit case is also available.
Price includes:- K18 CamCrane with UPH Underslung Power Head and MB/A Monitor Bracket. Price does not include the Camera, Tripod, Dolly, Monitor or any of the other accessories shown.

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10-20 ημέρες


K18 CamCrane – Specifications

  • Length from stand/tripod to camera 427cm at its longest length, or 210cm at its shortest length. Length from stand/tripod to weight bar 143cm.
  • Total length: 570cm or 350cm at its shortest length. Vertical crane movement from ground level to 695cm high (at its longest length) or 226cm (at its shortest length). The maximum vertical crane movement includes going down as well as up, so the crane would need to be on a raised area to achieve the full movement.
  • Colour – Black. Transit Size: 120 x 18 x 16 cm.
  • Weight: 17kg (37.5lbs).
  • UPH Remote Pan & Tilt

Head – Specifications

  • Weight – 1.7kg. (3.75lbs) Dimensions – 356x240x103mm (14×9.5×4 inches).
  • Head sockets – 1 x 7 pin din, 1 x 6v DC in. Vertical Tilt & Horizontal Pan- 360 Degrees. Approximate speed
  • Pan & Tilt variable from 4 to 8 degrees per second. On/Off switch. Power Requirements
  • AA Batteries x 4. Head construction – Black ABS plastic and powder coated CNC machined aluminium. Maximum Camera Weight – 2kg.
  • UPH Hand Held Controller – Specifications
  • Dimensions – L125 x W45 x H15mm. Control cable with 7 pin din plug. Speed – Slider control.