Hague K12 Multi Jib Camera Crane

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The Hague K12 Multi Jib fastens to any sturdy tripod with a 100 or 75mm bowl or onto a Hague D3 Dolly. It is quick and simple to set up and can be used at three different lengths.
At it’s standard or short length it will support up to 14kg and at it’s longest length will support up to 9kg. A 100mm bowl enables you to fasten your video head from your tripod onto the jib, (an optional Stepper Ring is available if you are on the 75mm bowl system) or a pan & tilt power head can be used for remote operation.
Radial ball bearings ensure super smooth crane movement from ground level to almost 4 metres high and pan 360 degrees. Drag can be added to hold the arm at a set position. Standard bar weights or sand bags can be used as counterbalance. 
The Multi Jib breaks down to just 1.2 metres in length making it very easy to handle and for transport. It is suitable for all handheld cameras and will support a maximum weight of 14kg. An optional video head, or remote pan & tilt power head, can be fitted to the jib and a monitor bracket is also available making it easier to monitor your shots. 

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10-20 ημέρες


SHORT LENGTH – Mode B – Pan Radius 112cm / 44″ – Total Length 186cm / 73″ – Crane movement 130cm / 51″ – Maximum Weight 14kg.
SHORT LENGTH – Mode C – Pan Radius 107cm / 42″ – Total Length 186cm / 73″ – Crane Movement 120cm / 47″ – Maximum Weight 14kg.
STANDARD LENGTH – Mode B – Pan Radius 175cm / 69″ – Total Length 285cm / 112″ – Crane Movement 254cm / 100″ – Maximum Weight 12kg.
STANDARD LENGTH – Mode A – Pan Radius 152cm / 60″ – Total Length 285cm / 112″ – Crane Movement 196cm / 77″ – Maximum Weight 14kg.
LONG LENGTH – Mode A – Pan Radius 262cm / 103″ – Total Length 396cm / 155″ – Crane Movement 396cm / 155″ – Maximum Weight 9kg.
LENGTH – Short is using a single section of the jib. Standard is using two sections and Long is using all three sections. 
MODE – There are three pivot positions the jib can be assembled in. 
PAN RADIUS – This is the distance from the tripod to camera when the jib is in a horizontal position.
TOTAL LENGTH – This is the length from the weights to camera when the jib is in a horizontal position.
CRANE MOVEMENT – This is the maximum up & down movement, from its lowest position to its highest.
MAXIMUM WEIGHT – This is the maximum combined weight of camera and video head the jib will support. 
Suitable for all camera set-ups up to 14kg. Price excludes – tripod, dolly, video head, power head, camera, weights and bag.