Hague K10-PH100 Camcrane Camera Jib With Remote Control Powerhead

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The Hague K10-PH100 Camcrane Camera Jib is ideal for lightweight cameras and offers full 360° movement. It is quick and easy to set-up and comes supplied with its own stand. Once balanced the camera can smoothly move from ground level to almost 4 metres high and the crane will pan 360 degrees on the stand. You also have the ability to pan and tilt the camera through 360 degrees by controlling the underslung powerhead using the wired remote control box.

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10-20 ημέρες


The stand’s height is adjustable from 1.1 to 1.4 metres high with standard bar weights (not supplied) used for counterbalance, these are held in place by the weight bar and there is an adjustable fine trim weight to obtain perfect balance.

The distance from the stand to the camera is 2.5 metres and the K10 has a total length of 3.6 metres. It is ideal for all handheld cameras under 1kg.
The Hague PH100 Powerhead will pan and tilt through 360 degrees, this enables the camera to point directly down or in any direction required. It is powered by two powerful geared motors, with the camera’s tilt being belt driven, and this ensures the head provides a very smooth movement with minimum backlash.
The camera plate on the tilt drive has three mounting positions for the different sizes of camera which enables the camera to be correctly balanced. With all DSLR cameras it is essential that they are correctly balanced, and this can be more difficult depending upon the lens used, so we include the BCP Balance Correction Plate with the jib too. The speed of movement is variable, from the slowest crawl up to 24 degrees per second (0 to 4RPM).
Control Box
The Hague Control Box has two variable speed control knobs which give the head a precision pan and tilt movement in either direction, from a slow crawl up to the required speed. You can also pan and tilt simultaneously but you would require a second operator should you wish to pan, tilt and move the jib at the same time. The head is powered by a rechargeable internal battery, which enables the power head to be used anywhere without the need of a power supply.
On the back of the control box there are switches to change the direction of the control knobs and a socket for the control cable. On the side of the control box is an on/off switch and a battery charging socket. A led light on top of the box indicates when the unit is switched on. On the bottom of the control box there is a ¼” threaded hole in the base to allow it to be mounted to the MB/AD control box mounting bracket which is included with the K10-PH100 kit and has a separate mounting area for an external monitor to be attached. A 5 metre cable is supplied to connect the control box to the head.
Price includes the Hague K10 Camcrane with stand, PH100 Pan & Tilt Powerhead, BCP Balance Correction Plate & the MB/AD Control Box Monitor Mounting Bracket. Price does not include the camera, counterbalance weights or any other accessories shown.