Hague FZL Focus Zoom Lever

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The Hague Follow Focus/Zoom Lever is ideal for follow focus or pull focus and it can also be used as a zoom lever.

This simple device fastens to the barrel of the lens to give much better control on focusing, or it can be used as a zoom lever. The Follow Focus/Zoom Lever consists of a reusable strap, which will attach to lenses up to 85mm in diameter, a clamp and an aluminium lever.

The strap is first wrapped round the barrel of the lens and then shortened to match the diameter of the lens. You then twist the lever into the clamp to tension the strap, which locks it into place on the lens. The reusable strap is black plastic, 8mm wide and 275mm long. The lever is lightweight anodized aluminium with a plastic cap, it’s length is 70mm x 8mm wide.

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