Hague D7 Ride On Tracker Camera Dolly System

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The Hague D7 Tracker is a ride on tracking system that is quick and simple to set up and it enables you to create super smooth tracking shots on location or in the studio. An aluminium frame forms the base of the ride on tracking dolly and attached to this is a telescopic column with a 100mm bowl onto which you can fasten your video head. The Hague range of Jibs can also be attached to this column.
At the base of the column is a swivel seat, which allows you to move around the column when panning. The width of the dolly has been set to allow it to go through doorways. It runs on 50mm diameter track which is held in position by the 8 radial ball bearing wheels which make the dolly easy to move along the track using the handle supplied. A unique levelling system prevents any rocking should the track be laid on uneven ground.
Included in this kit are 6 x 2 metre lengths of track with connectors which provides a 6 metre run. Extra track and connectors are available if required.

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5-10 ημέρες


  • Column height 110cm max. 72cm min.
  • Dolly size 98cm x 68cm x 9cm.
  • Weight 16kg.