Formatt-Hitech 4×4 Resin ND0.6

72,54 με 24% ΦΠΑ

Neutral Density (or ND) filters produce a grey neutral effect and are used to reduce light entering the camera, enabling control over exposure and depth of field without affecting color or contrast. ND’s are made in different densities according to the level of light reduction from 1 stop to 4 stops of light and are made from the highest quality 1.5mm optical resin.
Standard ND filters are an excellent everyday ND filter for the developing amateur photographer. These filters are only available between one and four stops of light reduction. Because they are only available in lower densities, standard ND filters don’t suffer from significant color cast and offer an excellent value for money.
Formatt-Hitech’s resin filters are ultra flat, have excellent contrast and are completely transparent to the visible light spectrum. Formatt-Hitech’s resin has the highest scratch resistance of any non-glass optical material and it’s resistant to most solvents, chemicals, aging and material fatigue. Because of the ruggedness, light weight and portability, resin filters are a great choice for photographers and HDSLR filmmakers. Resin filters are dyed using our exclusive Absorbing Cell Technology process.
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