Chrosziel Allround Shoulder Kit with leather handles

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Allround Shoulder Kit: 401-450HD LWS – Light Weight Support 15 HD Allround, w. Ø 15 mm rods L. 310 mm + set of extension rods L. 190mm (401-83-190) + set of Leather Handles, retrectable, swiveling and rotatable (403-30) + bar (clamp onto Ø 15mm rods) with rosettes (Hirth, 403-31) + MultiPad 15 (3050), adjustable shoulder pad complete for straight or lateral installation on Ø 15 mm rods. Pad mounts under the camera, behind or sidewards for cameras with viewfinder in the body.
This Allround Light Weight Support (LWS) is only available from Chrosziel. It is unique adjustable. From the body size of a Canon C500 onward to the tiny Blackmagicdesign Pocket Camera all cameras with optical axis below 77.5 mm fit. An always updated camera list tells how to use the right screws and spacers. This list comes with the LWS and you can download it (see right column).
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