At MANIOS CINE TOOLS, an important part of our business, is the repair and maintenance department. It is the corner stone of the company’s creation, initially regarding lenses for both television and cinema. With the development of the company and the acquisition of many distributions and collaborations, the responsibility for proper and all-around service and support for our customers and associates has led to the creation and development of the service & repair department for all the products MANIOS CINE TOOLS distributes in Greece.

To be specific, we undertake the inspection, the maintenance and the repair of lenses, tripods, light fixtures, ballasts and camera accessories of all the companies we represent. We do this with qualified and skilled staff, with access to genuine spare parts and the availability of the necessary tools. But above all, we achieve it with the willingness to serve our customers with speed and efficiency, with competitive pricing and the traditional approach that wants to repair, not the replace professional equipment, as long as there is no unbearable problem.

The MANIOS CINE TOOLS team welcomes you at 12 Arachnaiou Street, 115-22, ATHENS with easy free street parking. The available public means of transport are Bus 224, from which you need to get off at the very end TERMA Polygono with an extra five-minute walking on a straight road and the Metro BLUE line with disembarkation at station PANORMOU with an additional ten-minute walk uphill.

Opening hours for our inhouse service & repair: Monday – Friday, 10.00-18.00

We remain at your disposal for any kind of clarification at:  or  +30 210 6452995-6