Ultralight DB-08 Medium Double Ball Arm – 8″

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Expand you underwater camera support arm with this 8″ Ultralight DB-05 Medium Double Ball Arm. You can use these outside the water, too, for camera support of your DSLR camera accessories. Features 1″ (25mm) ball joint.

Ultralight Control Systems DB-08 Medium Double Ball Arm – 8″ is a medium arm that looks like the shape of a dumbell. It is often used for wide angle or macro photography. It can also be used to mount on-board accessories with a compatible mount or adapter.

The Ultralight Arm features a 1″ (25mm) ball joint on each end of the arm. This joint links with optional base adapters, and clamps. Ultralight Arms were re-engineered to incorporate the maximum clamping action possible. The inclusion of an o-ring in each ball increases the friction forces at the joint to keep the arm positioned where you place them.

This arm segment includes an o-ring in the balls of the arms. This provides a linear clamping force, allowing you to control the arm or the movement of your strobe easily. Without an o-ring in place, this ball joint tends to bind when tightened, due to the metal on metal contact.

Ultralight Arms are part of the Ultralight Control System, which is designed as a three-clamp system to function like a human arm might do. A joint at three positions delivers maximum flexibility. Variations using your two clamps are possible for digital video production. This system allows for support of your basic point-and-shoot camera up to advanced DSLR cameras.

Ultralight Arms are compatible with most of your video camera housings and on-board lights for underwater use.

Check out the two detailed photos of the product in use. One shows this Medium Double Ball Arm positioned in the middle segment of the example configuration photo of arms and clamps not shown underwater. In the configured underwater photo with optional arms, adapters, and Clamps this segment is also shown in the center, above the diver’s head.

Medium length arm, used for macro or wide angle photography

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Ultralight DB-08 Medium Double Ball Arm – 8″


  • 2x 1″ (25mm) Ball Joints
  • 8″ medium support arm
  • Ideal for wide angle photography
  • Aluminum lightweight construction
  • Suitable for underwater camera rigs