Ultralight Base Adapter 1/4″

35,96 incl 24% VAT

When the base adapter is mounted along with the necessary clamps, arms and other parts you will have total flexibility for your system.
Colored anodized base adapters in Blue, Red and Yellow. At Ultralight, we anodize all of our parts to make sure they will hold up to the harshest environments. All of our black parts have Type 3 hard anodizing and our colored parts have Type 2 anodizing. The main difference between Type 3 and Type 2 anodizing is that Type 3 has a thicker anodized coating, is more durable, and has higher corrosion resistance to dissimilar metals then Type 2.

These are a perfect addition to the cine industry for color-coding camera rigs.

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1-2 days


Splashy Red, Ultra Blue, Black, Yellow


Ultralight Base Adapters are used anywhere you would like to add a component