Transvideo StarliteHD

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5″ 3G-SDI Oled Monitor
The size of a smartphone
With cameras reducing in size and portable systems becoming more and more compact, Transvideo has created a small 5” HD OLED monitor, about the size of a smartphone and weighting only 190 Grams (0.4lbs).
Built-in tools
Built-in tools include a high-resolution waveform monitor, a precise vectorscope and an histogram of the luminance, while an embedded recorder delivers dailies in H.264 on to SD cards.
You can take some snap-shots and generate pdf reports including camera and lenses metadatas (ARRI and SONY cameras carying metadatas through HD-SDI only).
Low power consumption
Intuitive interface A new concept of human interface uses the power of the touch screen panel and rids the user of incomprehensible and endless tiered menus.
Mechanics & accessories The housing is extremely rugged, machined in aviation-grade aluminium – a wide range of accessories is planned, from battery support to detachable sun hood and more.
Only SD cards Class10 must be used in the StarliteHD.

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5-10 days


  • 3G / HD-SDI input + reclocked output
  • 5″ OLED touch screen with wide color gamut (EBU)
  • Extremely lightweight: 190g / 0.4lbs
  • 5-44v DC power input through Lemo2 “mini”
  • Low power consumption