Shape MATTE BOX 4X5.6

928,76 incl 24% VAT

MATTEBOX 2 stage bracket for 4 x 5.6″ rotary filters
Swing away system (coming soon)
15 mm bracket available
Clip on system
(French flag / side wings) included with the bundle
4 Matte box step-down rings included
Highest quality
Maximum control of the light incident

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The SHAPE MATT456 2-Stage Matte Box is designed for light control, insertion and adjustment of filters. It is compatible with various lenses. Photo lenses with at least 52 mm diameter, but also professional video optics with up to 114 mm front diameter can be used without any problem, whether it is a Canon EF or a PL mount. It features a swing-away system and two 4 x 5.6 “rotating filter stages, which guarantees maximum flexibility during rotation.

The mounting of the Shape MATT456 is done either via 15 mm Rods or as Clip-On.