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The DSLR Kirk Neff Offset Rig from SHAPE is a 15 mm rod, a shoulder-mount solution designed for DSLR or other compact cameras. The offset design places your camera’s LCD screen in front of your eyes for easier viewing while shooting. Centered around the DSLR Kirk Neff Baseplate 2.0, the rig features a rod offset bracket, and a pair of 10″ and 12″ long 15 mm rods that support the included shoulder pad and handgrips. The shoulder pad and handgrips can be removed for tripod-mounted setups. Your camera attaches to the baseplate via a V-lock quick-release camera plate. The plate is also compatible with third-party support systems that utilize the V-lock interface. The baseplate provides clamps to support one of the 15 mm rod pairs, allowing you to the dual handgrips in front of the baseplate, as well as the rod offset bracket behind it.

The Quick Handle Rod Bloc provides dual handgrip support and features SHAPE’s Push-Button rosette release, which allows you to adjust the angle of the handgrips without having to remove your hands from the rig. At the rear of the rig is the Mini Composite Shoulder Pad which provides padded shoulder support for the rig. It mounts onto the pair of 15 mm rods extending out the back of the rod offset bracket. A Back Pad is included which attaches to the shoulder pad for augmented camera support and comfort. A 1/4″-20 hole allows for additional accessories to be added.

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Shape DSLR Kirk Neff Off-Set Rig


  • 15mm Rod Shoulder-Mount Solution
  • Unique patented SHAPE QUICK HANDLE push-button technology
  • DSLR Quick release Kirk Neff Baseplate 2.0
  • Pairs of 15TUBE10 and 15TUBE12 (10 and 12-inch silver rods, 15mm lightweight) included
  • OFFSET bracket included
  • Shoulder Pad and Back pad
  • V-Lock Quick-Release Camera Plate
  • Dual Handgrips

In the box:

  • 1x DSLR Kirk Neff Baseplate 2.0 with rod system
  • 1x Offset Rail 15MM rod bloc
  • 1x Delta plate adapter (Delta)
  • 1x (1 pair) of rubber quick handle with rod bloc and push-button
  • 1x Composite shoulder pad (SHPAD3)
  • 1x Back pad
  • 2x 15mm rods 10″
  • 2x 15mm rods 12″