Rolux D-USB Adapter

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Suitable for: D-tap & USB-A male
Connections: D-tap & USB-A female
Dimensions (cm): 5.1 x 4.2 x 1.7
Weight (kg): 0.022

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The D-USB adapter from Rolux is a handy tool that allows you to use accessories with a female USB-A connector and standard D-tap connector simultaneously with your V-mount battery. The D-USB adapter is suitable for any V-mount battery with D-tap connector. You simply connect the D-USB adapter to the D-tap connector, which has both a USB-A and D-tap port. The USB port output is 5V and up to 1.6A. Both the input and output of the D-tap are 11-17V and up to 10A.

Usage D-USB adapter
You can use the D-USB adapter to power a device via a USB cable. For example, you can connect the standard USB cable of your smartphone to the D-USB adapter to charge your smartphone. At the same time, you have access to a D-tap port to use, for example, your camera’s LED lamp simultaneously.