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  • The core function of the Power Junkie is to power almost any DSLR for extended periods of filmmaking. Including all Sony cameras and the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.
  • The DC Barrel port directly outputs the raw power of the NP-F battery, 7.2V, couple this to your DSLR, Mirrorless or BMPCC4K with Blind Spots range of dummy battery adapters and you massively extend filmmaking and photography time and achieve quick battery swapping.
  • Simultaneously use all three ports at the same time to a maximum of 20W. Power your DSLR camera, a film light and a wireless microphone receiver all at the same time.
  • With two 5W USB ports, you can use your NP-F batteries as an external battery pack to power your phone and any other USB accessories whilst on the move.

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  • Input power: Micro USB/ USB C (10w, 5v, 2A)
  • Output power: 28w max (total output)
  • Recommended Max continuous power out: 20W
  • 1x DC barrel: (7.2v, 4.5a max)
  • 2x USB: (5v, 2.8a each max)
  • Charging will charge any sony L series battery
  • Charge times:
    NP-F 550: 2h
    NP-f 750: 4h
    NP-F 970: 6h
  • Charging inputs: USB Type C/ Micro USB
  • Regulated output:USBx2

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