PAG Orbitor

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Advanced camcorder support system

A lightweight hand-held camcorder can cause muscle fatigue after hours of shooting.

The PAG Orbitor supports the camcorder and distributes the weight comfortably across the body.

It provides a stable shooting platform that enables hours of use without fatigue.

The camcorder feels weightless and control of its movement is effortless.

It is impossible to shoot HD video with the latest generation of DSLR cameras without a means of support. The PAG Orbitor provides stability, supports the weight of the camera and its accessories, and frees your hands to control shots that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

The Orbitor offers freedom of movement which is achieved by a 3 axis mechanism enabling you to pan, tilt and roll, smoothly.

The camera is mounted to a sliding, quick-release camera plate, that is interchangeable with the Manfrotto tripod plate. This makes switching from the Orbitor to a Manfrotto tripod quick and easy.

The Orbitor features a telescopic suspension rod that supports the weight of the camera assembly from underneath. It slots into a belt-mounted support pad, and absorbs camera shake.

The camera is counterbalanced by a weight mounted to the back-plate of the system’s shoulder pad assembly. Its position can be adjusted to fit any operator, and features a cushioned shoulder pad to provide the maximum comfort during use. Adjustable straps secure the shoulder assembly to the waist belt and maintain the ideal position during use.

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  • Advanced Camcorder Support System
  • A balanced and stable shooting platform
  • Reduces fatigue on long shoots
  • The camera feels weightless and control is effortless
  • It allows a wide range of professional shooting techniques
  • Pan tilt and roll with 3 axis control
  • Shoot at right-angles to your body
  • Quick-release camera plate compatible with Manfrotto tripod
  • Fully adjustable
  • Quick and simple set-up
  • Tough, lightweight construction