MCT ST-08 MYRMICA Time Lapse 360° Rotary Mount

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360 Degree , 60 Minutes Automatic Rotary, Monopod Mount Delay action Time Lapse Pan for GoPro Hero DSLR Camera

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Sweeping time-lapse films. Universal 1/4 screw holes, easily fixed on a tripod, 360 degree angle adjustment, automatic rotation Support multiple 360TL superimposed accelerated rotation

Suitable for DSLR, ILDC small camera, Gopro sport cameras, iPhone, Android smartphones

Color: Black

Material: Aluminum

Extened Length: 60mm

Folded Length: 60mm

Setting Direction: Clockwise

Running Direction: Counterclockwise

Mounting Screw: 1/4 inch

Max. Load Capacity: 3.5kg / 7.72Lbs

Remind Lasting Time: Above 3 seconds

Time Setting: 60 minutes (one roll is one hour) Create 90(Degree sign)degree (15 minutes)/ 180(Degree sign)degree (30 minutes)/ 270(Degree sign)degree (45 minutes)/360(Degree sign)degree (60 minutes)

Bearing weight : supreme 3.5kg ( can carry slr , video adjustable paceaged plate adjustment of barycentric , vernier-control such as midas lp-01 long type paceaged plate )

Size: 6 x 6 x 4.2cm / 2.4 x 2.4 x1.7 inch

Weight: 190g / 6.7oz

Compatible with: GOPRO SLR, Camera, Small Micro Single Camera IPhone, Android and other smart mobile phone