MCT SB-17 Double Shoulder Camera Sling Strap

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Double Shoulder Camera Sling Strap.

This Double Shoulder Strap is combatible with Canon, Nikon Sony DSLRs etc., is light weight and very soft, anti- slip, with soft spongy shoulder pads. All these features to make it on comfortable on your shoulders and reduce the pressure when carrying two large DSLR cameras and their lenses at the same time. There’s a Quick Setting Base which ensures that the DSLR camera with the lens will be secured in place at all time. It is ideal for quick length adjustment, on the front.
Designed for professionals to easily carry arround two DSLRs.

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MCT SB-17 Double Shoulder Camera Sling Strap


  • Absorbs impact on soulders made by heavy cameras
  • Fits all DSLR/SLR cameras, video cameras or even binoculars
  • It’s designed and shaped to fit perfectly around your shoulder, the weight of your camera is evenly distributed for ultimate comfort
  • Built for speed, when time is essential
  • Can carry 2 Cameras and 2 Lenses vertically
  • Material: Ballistic Nylon for extreme durability
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Weight: 320gr