MCT LS-43 Flash Softbox

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Τhis Flash Softbox (23 x 23 cm) with the velcro design, fits all kind of portable flashes. It is portable and can be installed very easily. Compact size, light weight, easy to carry. The outside is black and the inside is silver for best results reflecting the light.
Two soft layers design, one is attached in the soft box inside by four pieces of Velcro, and the other one is attached in the soft box opening.

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MCT LS-43 Flash Softbox


  • Size: 23 x 23 cm/9 x 9 inch
  • Dual fixed straps for fastening the flash
  • Main Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 0.2KG

Suitable for:

  • Nikon: SB900, SB800, SB700, SB600, SB28, SB28DX, SB26, SB24, etc.
  • Canon: 580EXII, 580EX, 430EXII, 430EX, 550EX, 540EZ,380EX, etc.
  • Sony: F58AM, F56AM, F43AM, F42AM, F36AM
  • Minolta: 5600HSD, 5400HSD, 3600HSD
  • Pentax: AF540FGZ, AF360FGZ
  • Olympus: F-50R, F-36R
  • Nissin: DI866, DI622, DI466
  • Sigma: 5300DG, 500DG
  • Metz: 58AF, 54MZ, 48AF, 44AF, 54MZ3
  • Sunpak: PZ42X, PZ40X, PZ30

In the box:

  • 1 x Flash Softbox
  • 1 x Inside Soft White Cloth
  • 1 x Outside Soft White Cloth
  • 1 x Black Carrying Bag