MCT LS-02 portable white balance cards w/strap

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3 in 1 Portable White Balance Cards, 18% Gray Card With Strap.

The Gray and White Balance cards are ideal for helping achieve white balance and color correction. In addition of providing a means for measuring exposure, a gray card provides a convenient reference for white balance, or color balance, allowing the camera to compensate the illuminant color in a scene. In other words the Gray and White Balance cards are an excellent tool because they allow you to create sharp images that really reflect the color of the scene.

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MCT LS-02 portable white balance cards w/strap


  • Ideal for adjusting in Bright or Dark environments
  • The gray card can balance all mixed lights to 18% neutral gray
  • Use a Photometer to get the precise exposure value by recording the light reflected on the Grey Card
  • Adjust the colour balance and revert the colour by controlling the grey balance
  • Anti Scratch Waterproof cards
  • Approximate size 8.5×5.4cm.

In the box:

  • 3 x Cards (Gray, White and Black)
  • 1 x Strap