Matthews Hollywood 20″ C+ Stand Complete

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Matthews Hollywood 20″ C+ Stand Complete w/20″ Riser, Turtle Base, Head and 20″ arm

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This Matthews Century Plus kit consists of a C Plus Stand with 20 inch riser and removable turtle base, a 2.5″ swivel grip, and a Hollywood Arm that can hold a small light fixture, gobo, or flag.

The maximum height of this stand with the arm extended is 5.25′ (1.6 m). The stand itself rises to a maximum of 33″ (70cm).

The unique staggered leg design of a C Stand allows it to be nested and placed extremely close to one another on a set. The removable base allows easier storage, and increased versatility. Add a Junior Stud Adapter and mount a fixture directly to the base for a very low lighting angle.

  • Removable turtle base eases storage and transport, and adds versatility