F&V Z720 UltraColor

556,76 incl 24% VAT

Daylight Ring Light

290mm center opening

With a center opening of 290mm the benefit of the Z720’s large form factor is two fold. Not only will the Z720 work with the largest cinema lenses, but also it will create large, beautiful catchlights in the eye of your subject.

15mm LWS and 19mm Studio Support

The Z720 was built with the professional cinematographer in mind. With 15mm LWS support or alternatively 19mm Studio support the Z720 offers industry standard mounting options that allow the Z720 to be used for productions both big and small.

Product Highlights

  • 290mm center opening
  • 15mm & 19mm rail support
  • Unprecedented color accuracy
  • Unique catch lights with 4 controllable sections
  • Simple and cheap powering option by NP-F batteries
  • Package Contents

(1) x Z720 UltraColor Ring Light

(1) x Milk Diffusion Filter

(1) x Tungsten Filter

(1) x Frost Diffusion Filter

(1) x 15mm LWS rail adapter

(1) x 19mm Studio rail adapter

(1) x Spigot tripod adapter

(1) x D-Tap power cable


Additional information



  • Correlated Color Temperature: 5600K
  • Illumination (Lux): 3010 lx
  • Beam Angle: 60˚
  • TLCI:95 ±1.0
  • Color Rendering Index (Ra):95 ±1.0
  • Power Variation: 0-100%
  • Inside Diameter:290mm
  • Power Supply: 2* Sony NP-F Battery Plate / DCɸ2.5 Jack