Formatt-Hitech Hero3+/Hero4 Dive Kit

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This Diving kit is comprised of a newly designed holder and a selection of the same high quality Format-Hitech filters, slimmed down for use on the GoPro Hero3+/Hero4. This is the only holder system on the market that allows GoPro Hero3+/Hero4 users to use Formatt-Hitech’s professional quality and award winning filters. Each kit includes a combination of filters that will significantly increase the image quality on GoPro Hero3+/Hero4 cameras based on the users need. Our Diving kit provides the color correction for both blue water and green water diving.

*For more info see: Description/Specs

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Formatt-Hitech Hero3+/Hero4 Dive Kit

The filters included in the Diving Kit are:

  • Magenta Filter
  • Pink Filter
  • Red Filter
  • Orange Filter
  • Circular Polarizer
  • UV filter
  • 2 Clear Protectors
  • GoPro Hero3+/Hero4 Holder

Filter Specifications:

・Magenta: For green or very algae rich water
・Orange: For depths 6m to 18m approximately
・Pink: For shallow dives and snorkeling
・Red: For blue water below 5m and for blue/green water
・Circular Polarizer: The circular polarizer is a fantastic tool for GoPro shooters as it enhances sky, clouds, water, foliage and even snow
・Clear: Clear filters offer an inexpensive way to protect the front element of your GoPro Hero3+/4 camera housing and your other Formatt-Hitech filters