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Easy to use
The Gravity One is a two axis mechanical gimbal for professional cameras. Together with a body mount such as the Easyrig, the Gravity One gives a much improved ergonomic solution for handheld camera work and greatly reduces motion artefacts and unwanted motion in shots where the photographer is walking or running. It’s built entirely in highest grade aluminium which makes it very light and extremely robust.
Targeted at professional photographers
The design of the Gravity One is with the professional photographers in mind. It’s a fully mechanic device, that will not let you down in any weather or terrain. The Gravity One is like a Swiss army knife. It can be used in numerous ways depending on your shooting style. Its design ensures you that it will fit any usual set up camera within its frame and allow pro operators to perform much smoother hand held shots.
The roll axis covers a full 90 degrees, and the tilt up to 120 degrees, allowing you to point and aim in any direction you want. The handle is designed so it’s easy to grip, allowing you to mount a bunch of accessories on top of it, and still keep the Easyrig mount steady. Balancing the camera only takes minutes, fine trimming the XY stage bringing your camera to balance.
The Gravity One also works well with gyros like the KS4x4 or the KS6X6 Kenyon for vehicle mount style shots, boat, aerial heli etc. mounted on a bungee cord.
Feature film ready
The camera is easily mounted on the Gravity One with a small sized dove tail placed at the top of the camera. ARRI Alexa users easily unscrews their standard handle and uses our Adaption plate for Alexa. The camera can go from body rig to tripod with out having to remove the Gravity One. Since the Gravity One is mounted on top it won’t be in the way and allow you to move easily on and off the tripod with any kind of bridge plate. You will also be able to use the Alexa shoulder pad with the Gravity One without a problem.
Gravity One is a lightweight external 2 axis gimbal (pan axis is the Easyrig cord).
It surrounds the camera externally in a very clever way so the operator can use the camera from shoulder to low mode.
It includes x/y positioning stages that enables you to perfectly balance the camera in 3 axis.
It’s free float full bearing pivot supported gimbal in all crucial axis points.
It weights approx. 2295 g and can fully support cameras from around 4.5kg up to 18kg.
It effectively eliminates the pendulum effect created from the cord in all Easyrig style body mounts.
It allows the operator to tilt freely without effort approx. +/- 60 degrees.
It allows the operator to freely roll the camera 30 degrees CCW, and 60 degrees CW.
Depending on the trim balancing tuning of the camera (a little bottom heavy) the camera will remain at all given tilting angles or rolling angles effortlessly by light hand holding, and the drag pendulum effect will be completely eliminated.
For moves being done without hands on camera, it produces very stable smooth footage, something that can’t be done without the Gravity One.
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5-10 days


MaterialAluminium, Stainless Steel, PEEK
Tilt+/- 60°
Roll30° CCW, 60° CW
Max load18kg / 40lbs
Min loadaround 4.5kg / 9.9lbs
Package dimensions440 x 400 x 170mm
Package weight5800g