Cartoni Monopod

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The CARTONI Carbon Fiber Monopod is an extremely compact and lightweight 3 stage all-in-one intuitive support for digital cameras and small camcorders weighing up to 8 Kg (18 lbs). The Monopod extends to an amazing maximum height of 182.5 cm (72.0 in) and folds down to a minimum of 63.5 cm (25.0 in), making it a perfect carry-on or backpack friendly.
The Monopod extension is secured by 3 easy-grip rotating fast knobs making it an ideal mate for indoor shoots as weddings, interviews, corporate videos and news or outdoor activities, sports, travel, targeting specifically those professionals that are looking for a compact and lightweight pod taking up little space, yet giving perfect support and better results than hand-held shooting.
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Maximum Height185.00 cm
72.8 “
Weight1.2 kg
2.6 lbs
Capacity8.00 kg
17.6 lbs
Folded Height64.00 cm
25.2 “
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Number of stages3